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Nokia to launch 4.9G technologies by the end of 2017

NEW DELHI: Nokia said that it will introduce its 4.9G technologies by the end of 2017, allowing telecom operators to dramatically enhance their network performance and manage the significantly higher infrastructure demands on the path to 5G. The Finnish telecom gear maker said that a 4.9G massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna will also increase cell capacity by up to five times,...


Nokia to re launch iconic 3310 at mwc 2017

Are you missing your Nokia phone lover ? Well good news , 3310 might soon be back in business….. The beginning of the twenty-first century witnessed the world, making a gradual shift in terms of mobile communication. People increasingly started ditching their landlines to talk to their family and friends using mobile phones. One name that in many ways pioneered...


How to increase the Internet speed

Since 1990 when Internet was introduced it was never assumed that now a days it will become the part of our life. So wherever you are either in home, college or office we need a fast internet speed. So i am telling you some steps which can somehow increase the speed of Internet . What is Internet Speed  Internet speed...


How to reset the Bsnl Modem

If your default gateway is not working or if you forget the login then you have to reset the modem. there are some steps to reset the modem. Step 1.  Switch of the modem  Step 2. Start modem and press reset button  and hold the reset button for at least 10 sec. The reset button is on the back of...


How to increase Reliance JIO 4G Internet Downloading Speed after the 4GB per day limit

Reliance Jio has now switched all the users to welcome offer from the preview offer. From this offer users are limited to 4GB downloading per day. This is creating serious trouble for Jio users who are having the higher downloading limit. But there are some tweaks and tricks by which you can optimize your Reliance Jio internet speed. I have...

This is how the LG G6 flagship smartphone may look like

For now, it is anyone’s guess if the LG G6 will come with the same ‘modular’ design as the G5. The design got some mixed reactions. The company might also carry forward the LG V20 design, which simply has a removable battery design. Go to Source For more update subscribe us

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